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"You will read "The #1 thing all couples regret is not getting a videographer." I read it, considered the cost of everything, put it off and put it off and told myself I didn't need it. I have never been happier that I did not listen to myself and that I found a way to fit it into my budget. It is a must-have....and so is readyset[film].

Beyond professional, very fun, not pushy, and exactly what we wanted. We ended up going with the short film and then added the full documentary...and we are in love with the end product. Day of, I was so busy that I barely noticed the videographer. Jeff was unbelievably seamless. And when we did interact, it was like having an old friend at the wedding - he's just a wonderful person to have around.

The end product short film captured all of the highlights, including an overview of the venue, which I loved. I loved seeing the guys getting ready (cause I wasn't a part of it). I loved the clips of our vows (because I was so nervous it was a little foggy weeks later). I loved the music selections (timeless/upbeat selections).

I cannot say enough good things about Jeff and readyset[film]. They really listen to you and get to know you and find a way to work what you want into the end product. I love following them on social media to see more of their work! If you're searching for a videographer....serious look no further. You've found it in readyset[film]."

Alison + Allen 5/23/2015


"Jeff & Amanda (and Emma & Tess) are incredibly talented and do beautiful work! Jeff was great at answering all our questions and working out the details throughout our wedding planning process. Amanda, Emma, & Tess filmed our October wedding in NH and we couldn't be more in love w. the results! They were all so professional, friendly, and easy going. They made us feel comfortable and at ease on our big day. They created an amazing same day film that perfectly depicted just how magical our day was. Our guests were in awe of the film and we still watch our video at least once a day :) I'd highly recommend this group to anyone!"

Taryn + Mike 10/3/2015

watch the film here: Taryn & Mike | that autumn day 9 years ago {Same Day Film}


"We could not be happier with our decision to hire Jeff and readyset[film] as our videographer. From the beginning of the wedding planning process, we knew we wanted the same day edit so I searched all over for the perfect videographer. I found readyset[film] and watched many of their past videos to get an idea of their work and knew right away that they were the ones we wanted. Jeff was so easy to work with and we barely even noticed him running around the day of the wedding. We were worried about where the video would be played since our venue did not have TV or projector screen in the reception room, but Jeff solved that problem by bringing his own projector and setting it up quickly and breaking it down as soon as the video was played. When they finally played the film at our wedding, which we kept as a surprise from our guests, everyone was blown away! We still receive compliments to this day (7 months later!) on how great the video was. It was such a unique experience for our guests to see a snapshot of what happened earlier that day and see some of the behind-the-scenes moments of us getting ready. Jeff captured my husband’s reaction during the first look and included it in the video and it is so great that we have it to look back on for years to come. We have literally watched the video over and over again. We highly recommend readyset[flim] and, if you can do the SDE, it is completely worth it!"

Karen + Jim 5/30/2015

watch the film here: Karen + Jim | love is the more important thing in the world... {same day film}


"I really cannot say enough about Jeff and readyset[film]. We've shown our video to our friends and family and everyone has commented on the cinematic quality of it. It feels like you could be seeing it in a movie theater. Jeff is also a really nice guy, very easy to talk to and work with. On the day of I barely even knew he was there, and yet he captured all of these wonderful intimate moments. He also worked with us beforehand to make sure we got all the services we wanted at a price that we were comfortable with."

Sara + Jason 7/18/2015


"We purchased the package which included the Same Day Edit. A Same Day Edit means that towards the end of the reception the Ready Set Film videographers set up a giant screen and show the entire room a short film of all of the events that took place on the wedding day. All I can say was it was amazing!!! All of friends and family not to mention my husband and I were beyond amazed and impressed, in fact people still talk about it and my husband and I are about to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. I'm soooo obsessed with the Same Day Edit I actually show it to people when they ask to see photos of our wedding because I think the Same Day Edit shows sooo much more than a picture, it shows the love story between my husband and I on our special day. Our wedding video itself left us completely speechless!!! It is absolutely FABULOUS & AMAZING!!! I've watched all of my friends wedding videos and it's literally just raw footage of the day which is all well and good but ours tells a story of the entire wedding day!!! We are BEYOND happy with this!!! I cried throughout the entire thing (happy tears). Our video was a perfect representation of who my husband and I are. Anytime I had a question day or night I would email Ready Set Film and they would answer within an hour or two. On the day of the wedding the videographers were present but they were not intrusive which was great so most of the time I didn't even know they were there which is key since your attention should be on your spouse. Jeff and Amanda are two of the kindest and most talented people I have met and I highly recommend them!!!"

Ashley + Eric11/7/2014

watch the film here: Ashley + Eric | making the cut {same day film}


"My husband and I chose Readyset[Film] as our videographer and it was one of the best decisions we made throughout our planning process.

We opted for the package which included the Same Day Video as well as the Full Length Video. Jeff and Amanda met us for dinner prior to the wedding in order to get to know us and make sure they knew exactly what we wanted in our video - it worked because they took the absolute best parts of our wedding day and somehow strung them together into the most amazing video that highlighted exactly who Andrew and I are and what our relationship is. They captured the day perfectly and we were able to show all the guests before the night was even over. Not only were my husband and I totally blown away but the guests were too. It was truly amazing!

The Full Length video was equally as amazing. The music that they chose and the quality of the video was incredible. They captured all the important moments of a day that flies by and let us relive it over and over again.

Jeff and Amanda are so great, super responsive, easy to work with and made us feel completely comfortable on the day of the event.
We couldn't have asked for more and haven't stopped watching the video. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer!"

Tiana & Andrew 10/10/2014

watch their film here: Tiana + Andrew | how about that elevator ride in?!? {same day film}


"We wanted a wedding video so we had something to look back on and remember the highlights, look and feel of the day. Jeff and his team accomplished that and much more, just in the trailer we requested.

He was professional, responsive, and incredibly detail-oriented from start to finish. This is with a jam-packed schedule of national and international travel to capture other couples' special days. We met prior to our wedding to talk through the particulars, and it felt like we were with a friend. Going through the process of planning a wedding himself, Jeff simply got it.

He was conscious of our budget, and took great lengths to capture everything we wanted, while working seamlessly alongside our other vendors and blending in with our guests.

We couldn't have asked for a better final product and are so happy we worked with readyset[film]!"

Michelle + Joe 6/20/2015


"My husband and I were initially on the fence about hiring a videographer for our wedding - but now, we couldn't have imagined NOT hiring readyset[film]! Jeff and Amanda are so much fun to work with - they truly love what they do and it shows. From getting together for drinks to get to know each other to working with them and their team on the day of - it was a fantastic experience. Our friends were so jealous of our professional film crew and the beautiful memories they were able to capture! Hands-down - the same day edit viewing was a huge highlight of the evening with not one of our guests having seen something like that before - it was truly special. We could not have been more thrilled!"

Alex + Will 10/17/2014


"Readyset[film] is hands down the best videographer you can hire for your wedding or special lifetime event! Though their artistic films speak volumes for themselves, we wanted to share our personal experience.

We had the pleasure to get to know this dynamic duo before our big day, Jeff and Amanda are absolutely incredible, genuine people. This set ease and added smiles throughout our day, knowing just who was behind the camera. We hired Readyset[film] for the same day film package and our guest have NOT stopped talking about how amazing the video was!! I think everyone was under the impression they were about to witness a cheesy childhood slideshow of Michael and I and as soon as they saw it was only hours earlier, the smiles, tears, joy and laughter filled the entire tent! We walked away with the most memorable moments of our life captured on film. Jeff and Amanda even captured moments that we were simply too distracted to notice and we are forever grateful (thank you). They truly went above and beyond any of our expectations and we will continue to smile in the days, weeks, years to come watching and reliving our wedding day!

Jeff and Amanda, thank you for captivating our day in the most unimaginable way possible. For our new and continued friendship and exceeding all expectations - you two ROCK!!"

Melisa & Michael 6/13/2014

watch the film here: Melisa + Michael | forever {same day film}


"Jeff made the wedding unforgettable. Him and his team are so professional and easy going! When we first looked we were so excited and as a wedding gift it was gifted to us, honestly would've taken this video over $50,000 cash. It is really that good.
I had people messaging me for weeks about how incredible and talented the same day edit crew was.
I suffer from hearing loss and brought captions up to Jeff, he told us its hard to do. Jeff the sneaky one had them put on our short clip!! That is one AMAZING vendor!!!

Imagine being able to take 3-4 mins and enjoy footage of what literally happened hours before allows you to really enjoy the moment and that feels amazing!

Jeff and his team are spectacular and you will not find anyone else to live up to his standards of creativity, professionalism and warmth.
Highly recommended to anyone looking to capture their special day!"

Annie + Joe 9/21/13

watch the film here: Annie + Joe | so very lucky {same day film}


"My husband and I were so excited about having jeff, a[manda] and emma at our wedding. We knew their same day film was going to be great and we knew they were the only videographers that would make our wedding great. What we ended up finding out was the amazing hearts they have, the love they have for one another and the importance of their love for film. Their easy going personalities made it that much easier to feel comfortable around them. Our guests were in awe by the film and my husband and I could not be more grateful. The wedding day goes by so fast but the everlasting relationship & video we have will be for a lifetime.

Their professionalism, kind hearts and hard work are only a few words that come to mind when describing them. Exceptional, impressive and emotional are only a few words that describe their films. We could not love them and their work more! "

Sara & Luke 9/14/2013

watch the film here : Sara + Luke | holy crap... they're Jimmy Choos! {same day film}


"I saw a video of jeff and a[manda]'s at a close friends wedding and ran up to him immediately after to find out more about the company/cost etc. I never wanted a videographer and wasn't sure if it was in the budget so I was hesitant at first but then I kept watching videos they have done and knew if I didn't book it I would regret it! We met jeff and a[manda] for dinner in the city and they were so accommodating and we talked to them like we were old friends. We also filled out a survey they provided which was super long but amazing because we could be specific. Jeff, a[manda] and emma worked their magic throughout the day. Everyone barely noticed they were there, even though they were they were so professional and hard at work all day. As for the finished product.... just WOW. I look back and would have cut so many things to book jeff. I cried the first time I saw the video which is rare for me and can't wait to send it to family and friends. They captured every moment I wanted them to and I am so so so excited to have this. Thank you so much jeff, a[manda] and emma!! You are talented, amazing and perfect!! Xoxo"

Emily & Paul 8/24/2013

watch the film here: Emily + Paul | I can't believe the day is finally here {same day film}

"a[manda] was so wonderful to work with! Always enthusiastic, excited and super friendly! I had been stalking their website for months and months... beside myself with excitement for the SDE - AMAGING! Reliving your ceremony while at the reception with all your family friends is truly magical! I have goosebumps just thinking about it!'

Diana & Luigi 6/22/2013

"Tears come to my eyes when I think about the gift that jeff and a[manda] gave to Brian and I on our wedding day. They captured moments in a way that no one can place into words. It is just magical!

They worked tirelessly throughout the day in order to provide us with a stunning, jaw dropping same day edit. You should absolutely get a videographer - worth every cent - and there is no question that this is the team you want but go for the gold and get the same day edit. We had only decided to do the same day edit two weeks before the date of the wedding and I am just so, so thankful that we did not miss this amazing opportunity on our special day. The guests LOVED the video and I has a blast sending it to those individuals that could not make it to the event the VERY next day."

Kerry & Brian 5/4/2013

watch the film here: Kerry + Brian | this great journey {same day film}

"Jeff and Amanda are absolutely amazing!! We weren't planning to have a videographer at our wedding, until we saw Jeff and his team at our friends' wedding, and we knew we had to book them!

Jeff and Amanda have the gift of being able to capture the most amazing moments, without you ever knowing they were there. There were no bright lights, no cameras in your face, and the work they produce is incredible. Jeff and Amanda are such wonderful people and have been so easy to work with! We didn't have to worry about anything on our wedding day, they took care of everything they needed.

We had the same day edit shown towards the end of our reception, and we could not have been happier with it. It was so much better than we ever could have imagined!! It was the absolute perfect way to end our wedding. We had so many people raving about it and saying how incredibly talented Jeff and Amanda are.

We are so happy that we decided to have Jeff and Amanda film our day. We couldn't imagine not having them there, and not having the film to go back to and watch. We are so grateful to them!!"

Kerri & Phil 11/10/2012

"HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!! Oh. Em. Gee guys, you are magical and magnificent!! Wizards from Hogwarts and Genies from Aladdin! Awesome, amazing, brilliant, beautiful, catchy, cool, darling, dramatic Shall I hit the whole alphabet twice, or am I killing the compliment? For serious-land, we cant thank you enough for your art & soul. You are an inspiring duo, and we are privileged to be on the receiving end of your combined talent. Amanda Jeff hats off. Tussen takk (A thousand thanks), and a thousand more well wishes. Y'all are ballers and shot callers. Well holler at you if ever we find ourselves out in Boston-town. "

Lucy & Leif 8/17/2012

watch the film here: Lucy + Leif | mawiage, a bewssed awangement {same day film}

"In the seven months we've been married, we've watched our wedding film more times than we can even keep track.... and our decision to hire jeff and his team is only reassured more and more with each viewing! We are so incredibly happy with the way that our feature film turned out. Watching out film brings us back to the most wonderful day of our lives in a way that nothing else can. jeff, a[manda] and Emma were so wonderful to work with and their talent and creativity is simply unbeatable. We are so grateful for the wonderful work of Jeff and his team! :)"

Renee & Brandon 8/4/2012

"If there would 50 stars, I would give them all to Jeff! From my very first email exchange with Jeff, to meeting him and Amanda a month before our wedding day, to the day of our wedding, Jeff was nothing but friendly, informative, quick to respond, patient and professional.

Early on, I became a 'stalker' of his blog, checking every so often to see if there were any new Same Day Edits that had been posted. And I'd sit there at my desk, crying tears of joy for these people that I didn't even know! And it was no different for my wedding day - I had high hopes for what Jeff would put together, and he exceeded every hope and expectation by leaps and bounds. The same day edit is a 3 minute piece of heaven, that for those who were there, was a fantastic way to relive the special moments of the day, and for those who werent' there or didn't even know us, just watching it made them feel like they were there to experience it.

The work that Jeff, Amanda and their team do for brides and grooms is nothing short of genius and amazing raw talent - they take one of the most important days of your life, unobtrusively capture all the big moments, and even the small ones, and then somehow compress it down to the most fantastic synopsis of your wedding day, all set to music, that you can watch over and over and OVER again (I won't personally admit just how many times I have watched ours!) I know it was probably one of the fastest days of our lives to date, that just went by in an absolute flash, and the fact that Jeff created this perfect summary of the day for us to go back to whenever we want to relive the day, is just so special.

If you are considering a videographer, DO IT! You will not be sorry - and Jeff and Amanda and the crew are worth every last millipenny - they will not disappoint you! If anything, at the end of it, you will realize that having them be a part of your day was one of the best decisions you've ever made.

Thank you Jeff, Amanda and team for everything - you should be so proud of your talent and the work that you do - it's truly amazing!"

Kate & Dave 2/11/2012

watch the film here: Kate + Dave | stuff we're going to do {same day film}


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