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"Banish all thoughts of a gauzy, sappy drama: Husband-and-wife team Jeff Brouillet and Amanda Gosselin have a knack for capturing the little moments that mean a lot—a wink, a chortle, a happy puppy—in a way that’s completely watchable, not belabored. Did you know your dad was checking his texts before you walked down the aisle? Or that your mom was tearing up as she zipped your dress? You will now."

- Boston magazine

- Cara + Brendon -

private home wedding on cape cod

Cara & Brendon got married under a beautiful tree in the yard of Cara's family home.  They wanted their friends and families to experience a low key back yard wedding filled with dancing and a desert table featuring some cakes made by their family and friends.

Experience their family home wedding adventure...

we love, love... 

Creating an authentic and bespoke wedding film experience is what drives us, its our passion.  Our number one goal on a wedding day is to show truth. 

We love to capture whats most important: the love between two people and the authentic emotions and moments that happen through out the wedding experience. Not just the emotions of the wedding couple, but of everyone surrounding you on one of your best days ever.

What you see in every one of our films is real. We recognize the intimacy of your wedding and promise to blend in and be as discreet as possible. One of the best complements that we receive is that our couples hardly noticed that we were there.

We love getting to know each of our couples either over dinner, bowling, coffee or Skype/FaceTime if they aren't local. Our personalized approach to filming your wedding allows us to create wedding film that is a unique and true-to-life reflection of who you are as a couple leaving you feeling forever connected to your wedding film.

- about us -

We are a team of travelers and adventurers who love telling stories. 

- meet the team - 

amanda | co-founder & lead filmmaker

bryan | lead filmmaker

Emma | lead filmmaker

jeff | co-founder & lead filmmaker

Tess | filmmaker

Graduate student studying clinical psychology

Spending time with her pet bunny, Pepper. 

All the dancing!

Sushi and travel addict 

Cooking & spending time with her 4-legged children Piebald & Hanalei.

The sunset photosession when its just the two of you enjoying being married!


favourite wedding moment

favourite wedding moment

favourite wedding moment


Aviation & travel enthusiast  

Flying drones, skiing & sushi Sundays

When we present the Same Day Edit to the couple and all of their guests! 




favourite wedding moment

favourite wedding moment

favourite wedding moment

Urban explorer & welder

Photographing abandoned buildings and architecture.

The introduction of the bride and groom and their first dance!


Nursing student & adventurer

Helping others, traveling & trying new restaurants.

Getting to spend the day with the couple and when the groom gets to see his beautiful bride for the first time - its always so emotional!

After dinner coffee!

image credit: Joe Gonzalez - Dufresne Photography

kurt | filmmaker

Collector of vintage video game systems

Taking his golden retriever Scout for walks.

- Finn + Rowan -

houston texas wedding

Finn & Rowan gave us the opportunity to capture even more of their wedding story. We started with their engagement and nearly a year later their beautiful outdoor wedding. We also enlisted the help of their adorable nieces to tell their side of Finn & Rowan's love story.

Experience their Houston, Texas engagement and wedding...

- our process - 

heres a breif overview of what to expect throughout your experience working with us... it's going to be amazing!

Getting to know you before the wedding day is paramount to us and helps us create an authentic wedding film. 

Before your big day we would love to meet you in person if you are local or on FaceTime or Skype if not. 

A wedding film is about as personal as it gets. The more that we get to know your personality and story the better we can capture your wedding memories. We offer unlimited phone/Skype consultations so you feel connected throughout your experience working with us.


What you see in our films is real, we pride ourselves in being as discreet as possible. We wont direct or pose you, which enables you to forget about the cameras and focus on the events of the weekend. 

Our approach to filming weddings allows us to capture the wedding day in a true-to-life way. We are careful not to block guests during your ceremony and work really well with photographers. This is why you feel connected to our work, almost like you know the couple even when you don't. 

the wedding day

After the wedding is the point where most of our work begins, as we put together all of the footage to create your films.

If you chose an insta-trailer or one of our Same Day Edits these will be online shortly after the wedding. 

When everything is complete we will send an online wedding film gallery with all of your films. This link can easily be shared with friends and family and includes unlimited digital downloads.

after your wedding

- press - 

- Francesca + Mateo -

Turks & Caicos destination wedding

Francesca & Mateo wanted their friends and families to experience their favourite vacation spot.  The wedding weekend started with a beach party and ended with dancing in the rain.

Experience their Turks & Caicos destination wedding adventure...

- love notes - 

- rates -

2018 & 2019

The readyset[film] experience is about more than just one day, even if your wedding day is the only day we film. Our process is incredibly detailed and why we capture such authentic wedding stories. For this reason each RSF lead filmmaker accepts only a small number of weddings each year and we always include a short wedding film like you see here as well as coverage with the RSF team, not sub-contractors.

The investment in our films varies quite a bit depending on the type of films you choose and the coverage that is needed for your wedding. Our rates are comparable to the investment for a high-end photographer or wedding band. 

contact us

- Kelly + Bart -

private home wedding in Texas

Kelly & Bart's wedding took place at a private ranch in rural Texas.  The setting was unlike anything that we have ever experienced and the perfect backdrop for their wedding day. 

Experience their Texas ranch wedding...



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- we can't wait to hear from you -

we can't wait to hear from you 

Thank you so much for your interest in our films! 
We understand that choosing a wedding filmmaker is a personal decision and we are so excited that you are considering us. We would love to hear a little more about your wedding plans and set up a time to talk with you either over the phone or Skype/FaceTime at your convenience. 

You will hear from us shortly :)